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MacServe | iVPN
MiLi Pro - iPhone, iPod Portable Video Projector
Award: Induction Hob w/ wok
Simple Socks Server for Perl | Get Simple Socks Server for Perl at
OSA Lotteries
Freshbooks Login Page
Eotvos and Novel Equivalence Principle Tests
Outrageous On-line Uncle Al - 624
Inside Tito's luxury playground
Re: [RFI] Anyone observed damage to the "guard wire grounds"?
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RecipeSource: Cauliflower & Ginger Soup
Chilled Avocado Soup with Ginger and Lime Recipe | Recipezaar: Where the Recipes Are


Wine: Guide des Vins de France

50 Auckland restaurants - MetroLive
restaurant awards - MetroLive
All Recipes -- the home cooks' best-loved recipe, food and cooking resource the World's Greatest Recipe Collection
Simply Recipes Food and Cooking Blog
What's Cooking America
Japanese Food - Japanese Cooking - Japanese Recipe
Asian Online Recipes, Asian Recipes, Asian Cuisine, Asian Cooking, Asian Recipe, Asian Food cooked in the Authentic Asian Cooking Recipes
Fast Food Calorie Counters
DineOut is New Zealands leading restaurant review and restaurant listing website
Auckland Restaurants, Hamilton Restaurants, Tauranga Restaurants, Eat Out Restaurant Dining Guide for New Zealand - Auckland Restaurants
Google Directory - Home > Cooking
BBC - Food
Cookbook:Table of Contents - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
portal homepage of eat dangerously - - sexy recipes! funny recipes! great recipes! unhealthy food! - home
Persian Recipes - Iran - Ghormeh Sabzi
Surfas Kitchen/Food supply
BigSpud: The Potato Recipe Collection
The On-Line Cookbook - Recipes, Cooking, and Food
MoreThanGourmet (Sauces)
The Webtender - Mixed Drink Recipes and Bartending Guide
DRINKSMIXER.COM: 10700+ mixed drink recipes, cocktails and drinks
Gentian, a digestive system bitter
Ban Trans Fats: The Campaign to Ban Partially Hydrogenated Oils
The Amateur Gourmet (NYC food) archives
First catch your radish ... | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited
Holy Smoke :: Smoke House :: Cafe Deli Restaurant :: Christchurch New Zealand
~ The Grove ~
The French Cafe
Orpheus a foodie's dream - Tasman island
Orpheus Island Resort, Queensland - Great Barrier Reef Holidays & Tour
Pepper (capsaicin) rating: Scoville scale
Tripe with onions, lemon and parsley : Gordon Ramsay Recipe ) LifeStyle FOOD



Out'n'About treehouse construction
TreeHouse Workshop
"Stairway to Heaven" Photo Gallery

US Patent examiner manual

§ 1.104 Nature of examination. - PATENT RULES
MPEP8 (August 2001) - Table of Contents
Slashdot | Perens on Patents
Cat exercise: US Patent 5,443,036
US Patentability - In re Bilski



Defense Tech: Missiles Archives
BBC:Hezbollah's rocket force

Jewish Humor
Jewish Humor 16
Hebcal Interactive Jewish Calendar
Tisha B'Av | > Holidays
Jewish customs/Chanukkah
Jewish customs/Passover
NJOP - holidays
Judaism 101: Tisha B'Av
The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem: 1917-1988 - CEIRPP, DPR study, part I: 1917-1947 - DPR publication (30 June 1990)
Hezbollah principles
Commentary on The Book of Ezekiel


Yiddish Greetings & Nasty Curses
Yiddish Dictionary A - L
A Selection of Curses from the Thesaurus of the Yiddish Language
Nasty Yiddish -
May you grow like an onion- with your head in the ground! | MetaFilter
Yiddish Phrases

Korean hangul

Korean alphabet and pronunciation
Introduction to the Korean Alphabet
Korean Alphabet Tutorial Table of Contents



Aotearoa IMC: Human rights groups condemn US law on military commissions
Republicans Give In To Bush, Betray America
Welcome to the Fourth Reich | The Register
THOMAS/loc Mil.CommissionsAct2006

Statements by IAEA Director General
Bush Top 40 Lies
911independentcommission questions
Revealed: Secret Plan to Keep Iraq Under U.S. Control | War on Iraq | AlterNet
How to Get Out of Iraq
Where is Raed ?
Cannot find Weapons of Mass Destruction
Political Writings of George Orwell
The Clash of Civilizations by Samuel P. Huntington
The Center for Democracy and Technology
The Complete Bushisms
Welcome to NK News
How to steal an election by hacking the vote : Page 1
Felten - evoting critique
Bush Moves Toward Martial Law : SF Indymedia
ISG: Defeat With Honor
Terkel/Tibbets interview
My-3-Sons Menu Page
VELVETREVOLUTION.US : Protect Elections, Prosecute Rove


Master Mine M-80TR Land Mine
RAP4 PRESSURE ACTIVATED LANDMINE - New Zealand's largest online paintball store
Major Paintball Smoke / Paint Land Mine | Paintball Review |


SiteSwap - Juggling,ColinWright
Introduction to Siteswaps
Juggling Simulators - An Introduction
State Diagrams

Mountain "flying" game
How to hypnotise a man
Actrix CyberClean (cute)
Creative Commons
United Nations
BRS Airplane Parachutes
Crash test results
Insults ::: The Art of Insults
Eldritch Press - open/free books
Dave Barry columns
The Fastest Man on Earth (Part 1 of 4)
Automated Dave Barry column generator
Acme Klein Bottle
The Demotivators® Collection - from
How Everyday Things are Made - Google Demos
"Oh my God! There's an axe in my head."
The Museum of Unworkable Devices
Top 100 April Fools Hoaxes of all time
Poetry - The Wondering Minstrels
Greatest love poems
poetry | - for poets and poetry lovers - archive of classic poems, poetry links, poetry discussions, poetry forums, poetry search, resources
The Original Home Page of Robert W. Service
State of (PC) Decay - VerityStob
Why Am I Depressed if my Life is Fine?
Why cheap beans don't make cheap coffee
Nigerian Advance Fee 419 Fraud Scams
Reality humour - Cannot find server
Guardian - Polari
Flo Control cat door
The Skeptic's Dictionary
Mike's Electric Stuff
USPatent for a Swing
Pick up lines
1001 Fonts .com | Download Free Fonts
Anthrax as Disinformation
Hand-powered webserver
How To Deconstruct Almost Anything
International Chindogu Society
Japanese Engrish
Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names
Simple Holography
The Book of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Characters of Mythology
Landover Baptist: Where The Worthwhile Worship. Unsaved Unwelcome.
Owldocuments - NZ legal docs
The Big Empire Guide to Las Vegas on 25¢ a Day
The Retrocomputing Museum
[humorix] Finally, A Solution To The DMCA!
Welcome to How Stuff Works!
Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology Tom Cruise's NEW AND IMPROVED "friendlier" cult
Journal of Clinical Investigation -- Tom Cruise is dangerous and irresponsible
Who is Xenu?
Wedding Quotations - Misc
venturewire | The Business of Innovation
Sex Tips For Geeks
LonelyBit Playmates Collection
The Register - Email disclaimer awards - Linux Box as Digital VCR
Darwin Awards: Darwin Awards
spammimic - hide a message in spam
Area 404: Choose a Category
404 - file not found
Shaggy dog motherlode
Rec.humor.funny Home Page
CyberCheeze humour site
Jargon File Resources
Annals of Improbable Research
Postmodern gibberish
Sodium party
Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator
The Infamous Exploding Whale
Lonely Planet (Travel)
Hague Convention on Child Abduction
Games on the Internet
Welcome to InterLotto
y2kmistakes: list of site affected
Earth Viewer
Index Librorum Liberorum
EFF Action Alerts
Welcome to the WITI Campus!
IPI Newsletters Investment & Finance
Leeches U.S.A. Ltd.
Aikido Journal Online
Digital Technology and the Copyright Act 1994 - NZ
(Gender)The Creation of Meaning Through Language the bunk stops here
The Online Books Page
Wired: Philip K. Dick
Computer Stupidities
FreedomofMind: CultCounselor
Vought V-173 / XF5U-1 Flying Flapjack Info
Enjoying "King Lear" by William Shakespeare
Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
Act II. Scene VII. As You Like It. Craig, W.J., ed. 1914. The Oxford Shakespeare
Britney Spears guide to Semiconductor Physics: semiconductor physics, Edge Emitting Lasers and VCSELs
Plain English Campaign:Home page
Catbert Mission Statement Generator
Strange Horizons/Linux/DeadBadger - OpenSourcedIdeas
IIHS/HLDI: Crash Testing & Highway Safety
IIHS-HLDI | Beginning Teenage Drivers
The Memory Hole [rescuing knowledge, freeing information]
Shoestrap/Stroustrup satire: The Invention of C++
Pad2Pad - Online custom PCB's with components
eMachineShop - Online Machine Shop - with FREE CAD Software
Pitcairn Island and Mangareva
Emergency Underwater Yacht Epoxy Repair - Case Study
OOo documentation
Lorem Ipsum - All the facts - Lipsum generator
20 Year Usenet Archive - memorable posts
Spanish Love Quotes
Pickup Lines: The Most Complete and Most Useless Collection of Pick-Up Lines - Twenty Questions
Shift Diary
Bathsheba Grossman Sculpting Geometry
Things to say when you are losing a tech argument
shikato - bullying
Six Day War
Aviation Safety Network
Norse Pantheon
freenode: using the ( irc ) network
Cultural Insights: Russian Federation - Workplace - World Conservation Trust
Paul Graham
Escher for Real
Misc/Pennies - Pictures of Pennies
Casino carpet gallery
Art of Science Competition / Gallery
BBC - The Mystery of Easter Island
Blog Tips - ProBlogger
Rubik's Cube Solver
Foil hat performance
The Million Dollar Homepage - Own a piece of internet history!
Aussie Jewry
The Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy
Falling Sand Game - hosted by Chirag Mehta @ - Jokes & Humor
The Cloud Appreciation Society
GottaBook: More Fibbery
How Much Is My Blog Worth
Ball Terminals | Typographica
NZNMM - Hinemoa story
Business Plan Archive
MrTitanium's Guide to build a low cost titanium anodizer
Freesound Project
Nested image illusion
How to Fold a Shirt - Funny Stuff
NewYorker - Lang Origami article
waterfryer:水と油と空気を利用した画期的なシステム ウォーターフライヤー(WATER FRYER)07/03/28更新
Flash attractors
Levitated | the Exploration of Computation
Great Buildings Online - Master Architects List 2007.0102 » HOW TO ORDER WINE WITHOUT LOOKING LIKE AN ASSHOLE
María Carolina, Sexualmente atrevida - El Ciudadano - Noticias que importan
::: Maria Carolina ::::::::::: Escort Vip
LLERRAH Inspirational Stories, Poems, Ecards
Airline - Airline catering * largest site about airline catering and nothing but that... :-)
About Giclee Prints
Mathematical Art Exhibits flashcards
World Championships of Sand Sculpture - Tournament of Champions
Eric J Yow's (Pool) Trick Shot Madness!
Lady Liberty Fireworks - Flash game
Ursula Martinez striptease: Hanky Panky
YouTube - Heart attach grill: A Meal To Die For
Eyal Loz, PhD student (2006)
Seed: The Other I.D. - Stupid Design
Monkeys work in Japanese restaurant
HCA - defining ideal cut diamonds
The National Institute for Play: Home Page
Shaun Tan - artist



The Infinite Matrix
SFRA: Erlich: Coyote's Song
OrsonSCard: Intergalactic Medicine Show
Author Robert J. Sawyer: Hugo and Nebula Award Winning Science Fiction Writer
Bessie's Boil... Robert William Service
The Cremation of Sam McGee
The Shooting of Dan McGrew
Orwell : Essays: The Lion and the Unicorn
Fall of Hyperion: A Dream (Keats)
Tongue Twister
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Tale of the 47 Ronin

Net Radio/Video

1940's JuKeBoX
Music Videos Page One
MUSICA.COM - letras de música, vídeos de música ...
SHOUTcast - HOME - Streaming Video
Live365 Internet Radio - Thousands of Free Online Radio Stations
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Metacafe – Best Videos & Funny Movies
Video Conversion And Encoding Tools And Services: A Mini-Guide - Robin Good's Latest News
Watch it Shred!: Monitors and TV's
Will It Blend? | Presented By Blendtec
Brightcove - the best in video
Creativity Online

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio
KO6YQ's Introduction to Morse Code
Morse Code
Morse Code Resources
New Zealand Amateur Radio Home Page
antenna basics
CQiNet, linking Ham Radio Via the Internet.
Morse table w/ pro-signs

Museums & Libraries

Economist museum links

The Franklin Institute Science Museum
British Natural History Museum
Victoria & Albert
MoMA | The Museum of Modern Art
Singapore Museum
British Lawnmower Museum
Palaeolithic painted cave at Vallon - Pont-d'Arc
Library of Congress Home Page
Mongolian Exhibition, Home

WebMuseum: Bienvenue!
Library WWW Servers
Virtual Library: Museums
Gopher to European paintings
2004 Awards-VisionsOfScience
Bathsheba Grossman Sculpting Geometry

Movies and Radio

Movie Critic Welcome
The Internet Movie Database
MovieWeb - The Internet Movie Network - Free Public Domain Movie Downloads
IFILM - Old Time Radio Shows
APM Music - Saint Paul Sunday with Bill McGlaughlin
Smoothjazz.Com - Where Smooth Meets Jazz


AfriCam - The World's first Virtual Game Reserve
science fairs: An excellent resource page
Magic Chicane
Furby Autopsy
CTW Online--The Official Home of Sesame Street
Time for Teletubbies!
The Cosmic Football
The Neverending Tale
HCI Awesome Sites for Kids
CLEAR Net - Kids Stuff
Polar Bear Hug
Welcome to the North Pole
Daybreak - January 1998


Bridge: Times Online
Bridge Columns
NYTimes bridge columns
Meadowlark S/W (Bridge)
Card images
Great Game Products - Bridge Baron


LilyPond Music notation

LilyPond, music notation for everyone
Denemo | The music notation editor
Rosegarden: music software for Linux
The Mutopia Project - free sheet music

open digital music

BBC - Radio 3 - Beethoven Experience - downloads
class. dig. music downloads
Chandos Records Classical Music CDs and MP3s OnLine
Online Musical Scores
Intl Music Score Library Project
Online Music Scores for Study and Analysis
A Few Classical Favorites in Midi Format
Classical MIDI Files by David Siu

Finale 2008 Help
Music Theory Online
Magnatune: MP3 music and music licensing (royalty free music and license music).
KidzSing Garden of Song
Music Theory at Indiana University
The Music Scores Library on Line. Sheets of printed music immediately on line
Music Theory For Songwriters - Composer index
Graeme H. Thatcher, Violinmaker, New Zealand
NJ Sweetman - Instrument Maker
Random Music Critic
Mozart - Music essay with teeth
(bl):Mozart's Thematic Catalogue
Faithfully Mozart | By Donovan Bixley
Music Instruction Software
Peter's Music Page
Classical Sheet Music
Music sheet music
MTLC Notation Page
Shar Music-sheet music
Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers
Guitar chords
Classical Guitar Tablature
Alfredo Rolando Ortiz, Arpa Paraguaya, Paraguayan Harp
Classical Music - Classical Net
Tom Lehrer Song Lyrics
Tom Lehrer Annotated Song Lyrics
Barbara's Enka Site: Home Page
Mutopia Project: opensource music scores
NZ Sibelius dlr: Computer Music Ltd.
Music notation software : Pizzicato
Our Finale Notation Family
Games to Compose Music by Mozart and Joplin
Classical Music on the iPod and iTunes | Macworld



Hand-Picked Photoshop Tutorials | Tutorials | Smashing Magazine
Lunacore Photoshop - Layer Masks 1/3
PhotoShop Shortcuts At A Glance [Software Tutorials]
Blending Modes in Photoshop and Elements
Photoshop Tips, Tricks & Tutorials -- DesignMentor Training
Photoshop CS3 Help file
deviantART Search: actions in:resources/applications/psactions
Actions - downloads
Adobe Exchange - Photoshop Actions
Photoshop R&R - Eismann book site
Adobe Photoshop tutorials by Julieanne Kost
Photoshop: Using Layer Comps to Create Variations |
The Russell Brown Show
Stock Photography: Search Royalty Free Images & Photos | Forensic Science Resources
Reindeer Graphics - Products - FoveaPro 4.0
Custom Filters -
Free Adobe Photoshop Tutorials | Layers Magazine
Envato - Digital Goods Market & Tutorials
Photoshop Tutorials - Psdtuts+


Part I TheTechLounge - Beyond Megapixels
Part II TheTechLounge - Beyond Megapixels
Part III TheTechLounge - Beyond Megapixels
The Imaging Resource
DPReview: Nikon D2X
Canon EOS 400D / Digital Rebel XTi Review: 1. Introduction: Digital Photography Review

Spatial Composite Images high/low-pass
Hybrid Images @MIT Gallery high/low-pass
Merrily Alley b/w photography
Pantone/RAL colour conversion chart
Pantone, CMYK, RGB Hex colour conversions
CMYK color model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
sRGB color space - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Adobe RGB color space - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Picnik - edit photos the easy way, online in your browser
Snipshot: Edit pictures online
Fauxto: edit photos online
DigitalImaging I: Levels,curves,noise
DigitalImaging II: Retouching
DigitalImaging III - compositing
PD Photo - Public Domain Photos (stock pictures, wallpaper, royalty free, clip art, etc)
stock.xchng - the leading free stock photography site
Stock Photography, Royalty Free Images & Licenced Stock Photos | Alamy Images Alpha DSLR-A100 Review
net photo classes
Intermediate Guide to Formal Visual Design:Kuro5hin
Film Exposure Fundamentals
Nikon Digital Questions and Answers
Photo Friday - The Weekly Photo Challenge - The Photoblog Resource
Flickr: Login Flickr Toys
Flickr: Photos from nzgeek
Flickr: Photos from mimi.simpson
Flickr: Sitemap
FunPic - biggest collection of funny, cute, crazy or interesting pictures and videos
Wikimedia Commons - images/media
NPPA: Best of Photojournalism 2005: Still Photography Winners
Photoshop for Photographers
ImageMagick v6 Examples
ImageMagick: Identify: docfile
Tsunami satphoto
Gallery of Fluid Mechanics Photos
The Helvetica Meditations (photos)
Don Davis Space Art/Photos
c h r o m a s i a - photoblog
Nitsa - photoblog
Personalised Portraits
Create Magazine Cover from photo
Arca-Swiss 4x5 camera
Sharpening tutorial, Part 1 - Digital Grin
the Art of DeTouch
Processing 1.0 (BETA)
Aviary - Creation on the Fly
WaterTower Chgo-DanHeller Photog.
COLOURlovers :: Color Trends + Palettes
Apix Photographic Supplies
HP Professional Photo Printers - HP Photo Scanner buying guide
HP Photosmart Pro B9180 ICC Profiles - HP - Graphic Arts
Tranches de Vie - Photos of Paris
Zinio - Layers magazine online


BBC SPORT | Cricket | Laws & Equipment
Lord's - Laws of Cricket
Cricket Explained (An American Viewpoint)
BBC SPORT: Cricket World Cup tables

Net search && utilities Human-powered Search
Zamzar - Free online file conversion
Yahoo Sign In
Yahoo Pipes (DIY RSS remixes)
Broadband speed test - Vodafone NZ
Test My Speed - New Zealand Speedtest Website
NZDSL :: Speedtest Page
Xtra Broadband: Speed Test
BabelFish - AltaVista Translations
TinyURL!, a simple url shortener
Furl - raike Archive
Diigo - Web Highlighter and Sticky Notes, Social Bookmarking and Annotation, Social Information Network!
Internet Archive - Wayback Machine
Ask Jeeves!
37signals/highrise etc: webapps
Highrise Login
Technorati Blog Search - IM web gateway
Bloglines relevancy finder
MirrorDot - Solving the Slashdot Effect
Network Mirror-slashdot_effect
Clusty the clustering search engine
Windows Live / msn search
WiseNut search
LookSmart / Specialised searches
24HourScholar - Your full-time study resource - Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and much more
ODP - Open Directory Project
SearchNOW - The New Zealand Search Engine
Search NZ
Internet FAQ Archives
US Patent Database Search
Alta Vista: Main Page
Scirus scientific search engine
Findory News/Search: Personalized News
PIPERS page of New Zealand links
ArchiePlex Form
News Group Search - Multiple
R & R Investigations Inc.
Corp Investigative Svcs
USA PeopleSearch $
Currency Converter by OANDA
CNNfn - Currencies market
Hoover's Company Capsule Search
ZIP Code Search
Adobe-PDF2HTML online converter
Adobe - Flash Player : Settings Manager's Usenet Discussion Service
Xerox PARC Map Viewer
Sharetalk NZ
Hebcal Interactive Jewish Calendar
Amazon Web Services Solutions Catalog : Amazon Simple Queue Service
Flip - convert to upside-down Unicode
MergePDF - free service

Google services

Google Search
Google Translate
Language Tools
Google proxy
GWT: Load mobile page version via Google
Google Notebook
GoogleEarth Flight Sim Keyboard Controls
Google Directory
Google suggest
Google Answers - pay for search
Advanced Google Search Operators
Google Sites
Google Calendar
Google Scholar
Google Trends
Google Labs
Google Docs & Spreadsheets
Google News Archive Search
Google Earth - Home
Google News New Zealand
Google Code Search FAQ
Google Maps
Google Streetview NZ
How To Find MP3's With Google
Google Web Toolkit - Build AJAX apps in the Java language
Google Help : Search Features
Google Base


MaxMind - GeoIP | IP Address Locator Demo
IP Address Locator - Enter an IP address to find its location - Lookup Country Region City etc | 'Cause every I.P has a Home...

Whois etc

ARIN: Whois
APNIC Whois & Search
RIPE Whois
KRNIC whois
NZ DNC whois
NetworkSolutions Whois - whois++
UXN Spam Combat
Reverse DNS Lookup
Reverse DNS search (from AOL)


Linktionary - Networking Dictionary
English phrase-finder
What is a Lost Word?
Double-Tongued Dictionary: Slang, jargon, and new words from the fringes of English.
Intl Dictionary of Neologisms
WWWebster Dictionary
Web WordNet 2.0
Online Dictionary: definitions by WordNet, Webster's, etc. -
Internet Slang - Internet Abbreviations -
Japanese <-> English Dictionary Server
Collins/- multilingual
Phrases/Idioms: defs,origins,etc
Ngata Maori Dictionary
Māori Dictionary | Te Aka Māori-English English-Māori Dictionary
The Jargon File
Cool Jargon of the Day
AutoAntonyms - The Same, And Different
Latin word lookup
Latin 1 Class - Vocabulary
Latin Grammar: Verb conjugation and noun declension
Latin expressions - Index
Latin Textbook: Wheelock's Latin (HTML)
Legal Words Dictionary, Sack and Crack
The Online Slang Dictionary
British/American slangtrans - Home Page
Webopedia: Online Computer Dictionary - IT encyclopedia
Online Japanese Dictionaries and Glossaries
Japanese soundeffects/ gitaigo
InstantWeb Computer Dictionary
Grove Music
Yiddish Slang Dictionary
Русский мат - Russian slang dictionary - Russisches Schimpfwörterbuch - Dictionnaire d'argot russe
Russian mat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms
Online Etymology Dictionary
Verbix - verb grammar, conjugation, inflection.
Literary Terms Glossary
A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia
Anagram Genius
Internet Anagram Server / I, Rearrangement Servant : anagram, anagram, software, anagramme, anagrama, wordplay, word play, anagram creator, anagram solver, anagram finder, anagram generator, anagram maker, anagram unscrambler, anagram machine, crossword, transmogrify, pangram, shuffle
WeirdWonderfulWords dictionary
kanji romaji hiragana convert
Lexipedia - Where words have meaning


ANU Library - Law Cluster - Weblaw - International Law
Waitakere Libraries
eLGAR Auckland Library Consortium


Fone Finder - locate
NZ Yellow Pages
Four11 White Page Directory (SLED)
Internet Address Finder
Yellow Pages

Maps Online Maps to Everywhere.
NZmaps - New Zealand's on-line street maps.
Wises - New Zealand maps and guides,
Wises - map to 66 Simpson Rd
MapQuest: Maps: map
Surface distance between points of Latitude and Longitude
AA New Zealand SmartMap
Maps - All The Worlds Maps - A Compilation of Each Nation's Maps - Including Cities


MIT web courseware resources


wordIQ - Dictionary and Encyclopedia Definitions Online
The Straight Dope Front Page
Information Please | Learn What You Wanna Do
ibiblio > Collection Index > Reference
Dictionary of Cultural Literacy
Virtual Reference Collection
xrefer - Your Source For Investing Education Financial Ratio Tutorial
Langenberg -- Search and Get There Faster
FindLaw: Cases and Codes
Informal fallacies
Logical Fallacies: Sources and Resources
Dictionary of Cricket Terms
Snopes: Urban Legends Reference Pages
Urban Legends
Main Page - Wikipedia
The Catholic Encyclopedia - Quality Free Essays, Term Papers, Homework, Thesis, Notes and Book Reports.
Coursework.Info (re Cambridge)
Quotations of famous people - searchable database. Free.
The Quotations Page - Your Source for Famous Quotes
The Quote Garden - Quotes, Sayings, Quotations, Verses, Poems
Reading material at
IPA chart for English - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Oxford Shakespeare
Shakespeare Searched.
No Fear Shakespeare: Shakespeare's plays plus a modern translation you can understand - Passage Lookup: Job 30;
Main Page - Uncyclopedia
Pronunciation Guide to Names of Public Figures
New Mexico unveils spaceport design - -


Instruction Manuals UK user guides operating instructions owners handbooks
Service Centre Locator
Instruction Books
Charles Hyde & Son UK - Replacement Instruction Books
FixYa: Tech Support, Manuals & Troubleshooting for Consumers


Accomplices/Parties to crime
Criminal Law - Legal Encyclopedia - Nolo
Racism, Xenophobia and Incitement Online :European Law and Policy
Lessig | Free Culture / Free Content

New Zealand


Auck.Univ - Engg. - Prospective Students
entry requirements : Faculty of Science, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
The University of Auckland Official Homepage

International arrivals and departures - Auckland Airport
Acts – New Zealand Legislation (Wills Act 2007)
Auckland Traffic Website
Zoodle - zoodle, it's all about property.
Map of New Zealand Accommodation / New Zealand Accomodation
Interislander : New Zealand's Ferries
Coronet Peak Web Cams
Cardrona Ski Apartments
Cardrona - Mountain
Waitakere Online
New Zealand Sites - NZPAGES
Hoyts Cinemas
Village Cinemas
NZ IRD Publications/Forms
IRD: Income tax rates
Search NZ - New Zealand Online Auctions & Classifieds - Trade Me
Top Stories from NZCity
NZ road code
The Correspondence School
Auckland Out & About
aucklandlive: what's on
NZ WWW Virtual Library
AK Univ things
Auckland Univ Math Staff
Ticketek New Zealand
NetGuide Web
IHUG's Home page
Internet YELLOW PAGES (tm)
TVNZ Maggies Garden Show
Other AK Univ WWW servers
collection: The Museum of NZ
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
NZ Guidebook
New Zealand Information
New Zealand Govt pages
Network Connected Orgs in NZ
Te Puni Kokiri : Maori in New Zealand - Maori Language and Culture Statistics - Maori Language and Education
Access NZ - Companies/Sites NZ
NZ Explorer -
d i r e c t o r y . c o . n z
AK Univ High Perf Computing
NZ Weather - The Web Ltd
The Knowledge Basket ($$$)
Define the ANZWERS you want!
NBR Home Page
aCourts Gateway NZ brands,prods
New Zealand by Rail
NZCity Personal Start Page
.nznews - nz ccTLD affairs
Welcome to Kingsgate Hotel Palmertson - 28 hotels throughout New Zealand - Kingsgate Hotel Palmerston
Monaco Hotel & Resort - Luxury accommodation in Nelson New Zealand
Waitakere Food Grading Results
The Reef Resort - Taupo, New Zealand
Judicial Decisions Online
New Zealand Institute of Business Studies - Welcome to our correspondence courses
New Zealand Legal Information Institute (NZLII)
WINZ - New Zealand Superannuation
SuperGold - SuperGold
Reserve Bank of New Zealand - Key Graphs - current account balance
Waitakere City Inorganic rubbish collection
Waitakere Tramline Society
MuseumHotel - Wellington
Travelbug - NZ accommodations


Quack Theories -- Russell Turpin
Dawkins - Science/Religion article
Crichton: Aliens Cause Global Warming


CRP refs

C-Reactive Protein
UW CME - C-Reactive Protein
Elevated C-Reactive Protein Levels in Overweight and Obese Adults
HAPS - Education Information - C Reactive Protein


CDC - Influenza (Flu)
CDC - Influenza (Flu) | Questions and Answers About Influenza A(H1N2) Viruses
CDC - Influenza (Flu) | Antiviral Drugs
Origin and Evolution of Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin Genes
Google Search: hemagglutinin H9 influenza
WHO: Recommendations for Influenza Vaccine Composition

Radiation dose equiv

VNI - Scintigraphy
Archives of Environmental Health: Do physicians correctly estimate radiation risks from medical imaging? (Brief Communication).
In-Flight Radiation: Counseling Patients About Risk
Radiation Exposure of Air Carrier Crewmembers - FAA AC 120-52
Utah Xray dose comparisons
Radiation burns: bioeffects of ionising radiation

Serotonin etc

HelpGuide: Panic Disorder: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
APA: Panic Disorder FAQ
Serotonin syndrome: How to avoid, identify, & treat dangerous drug
Cognitive Distortions

NZ med/pharm data
THE MERCK MANUAL MEDICAL LIBRARY: The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy
Candesartan cilexetil (Atacand)
Medical Dictionary definitions of popular medical terms
Oral Pathology Glossary Main Page
Touch Bionics - bionic/prosthetic hand
Anatomy | Anatomy Atlas | Anatomy Education | Anatomy Library - Anatomy Atlases
Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body - Surface Anatomy of the Upper Extremity - Yahoo! Education
THE MERCK MANUAL MEDICAL LIBRARY: The Merck Manual of Medical Information--Home Edition
MedlinePlus Health Information from the National Library of Medicine
eMedicine Clinical Knowledge Base - Online Medical Journals, Textbooks, and Physician Reference Articles
Family Practice Notebook
RxList - The Internet Drug Index
Check Interactions - DrugDigest
The Drug Database - Prescription Drug Information, Treatments, Resources and More.
Medscape hexed_kitty abyssinian
Medscape raike password
Quackwatch Home Page
Links to Top Medical Websites
AMEDEO, The Medical Literature Guide
C-Health: Your Health and Wellness Source
The Free Medical Journals Site
Dental mgmt hypertension etc.
Fundamentals of Dental Technology
Arch Neurol -- Morning strokes
Mankoski Pain Scale
Opioid Analgesics
Medical Transcription, Latin
InteliHealth: Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary
The Free Medical Journals Site
IPCS INCHEM - chemical health/safety info
WebMD - Health has a homepage
WebMD - Priapism
Depression Self-Check
Welcome to
Complete Home Medical Guide
Statin Comparison
Anticholinergic antidepressant
Anaphylaxis - Life-threatening allergy
BBC NEWS | Health | 'Killer' Ecstasy claim was false
Reg/Softky: What's not known about brains
Pale Reflections - Eating disorders community
Cog Behav Ther
Doxycycline fights cancer
Penicillin and other antibiotics
Pathology Gallery (compiled by Ed Lulo, M.D.)
The Pathology Guy
Different Strokes - A Charity set up by younger stroke survivors for younger stroke survivors | Browse | Results
Entrez PubMed - Pisiform excision1
Entrez PubMed Pisiform Exc.2
eMedicine - Carpal Fractures : Article by George J Kouris, MD
Electronic Textbook of Hand Surgery
Wheeless Textbook of Orthopaedics
Vaccine Stops HIV
Two hypertension drugs - BBC
Lipids in Health and Disease | Full text | Omega-3 fatty acids and major depression: A primer for the mental health professional
Heart Attack (myocardial infarction) by
Myeloperoxidase predicts cardiac risk Nursing for Nurses - powered by vBulletin
Skin patch hope for Parkinson's
Anti-emetics etc for cancer
Skin Rashes and Other Changes --
DermNet. DermNet NZ
Genesis Skin Centre:Ultrashape
Fatty acid metabolism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
American Egg Board - Nutrient Breakdown
SPINZ - Suicide Prevention Information NZ
Brain Mysteries links
Piracetam - nootropic-cogn.enhancement
Erowid Nootropic (Smart Drugs) Vaults
Hearing Test Products and Tinnitus Test Products
SPINE DOCTOR - X-stop for spinal stenosis
Proteinases of the cornea and preocular tear film. [Vet Ophthalmol. 2007 Jul-Aug] - PubMed Result
Doxycycline-a role in ocular surface repair. [Br J Ophthalmol. 2004] - PubMed Result
Haidinger's brush - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Corneal birefringence changes after laser assisted in situ keratomileusis and their influence on retinal nerve fibre layer thickness measurement by means of scanning laser polarimetry -- Centofanti et al. 89 (6): 689 -- British Journal of Ophthalmology
Visual Acuity
NEJM -- Inhibition of Poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase in Tumors from BRCA Mutation Carriers
Vaccine for Colon Cancer
Planet Hospital - Medical Tourism



The Science of Vision and the Emergence of Art (color colour)
rootburn: Roy G Biv color colour links
Color Vision 4

Physics World/PhysicsWeb
MIT OpenCourseWare | OCW Home
MIT OCW12.620J Classical Mechanics
Chemical Bonding: polar covalence
Convert-me.Com: Interactive measurements calculator, weights and measures / metric conversion
A Brief History of Time - Foreward
Silly putty
EHD - Lifters, Jean-Louis Naudin
Essentials of the SI: Base & derived units
Instructional Resources for Chemistry Educators
Gerard ’t Hooft, Theoretical Physics as a Challenge
The Physics Hypertextbook™: Electricity & Magnetism
HyperPhysics Concepts (Educ.)
SOC and Boltzmann entropy
Physics News Update 2000 Index
Introduction To Amino Acids
physics: Glow in the spark silicon
Is glass liquid or solid?
Physics: Casimir effect: a force from nothing
Gauss Ruler/Scitoys magnets
The Wooden Periodic Table Table
Left-handed materials home
Quantum Entanglement and Information
Loop Quantum Gravity
Cosmology FAQ
Penrose: Origins of Twistor Theory
The Central Programme of Twistor Theory
Special Relativity
IPCS INTOX: Toxic/poison cheminfo
Fluid Dynamics
Entropy of a Gas
First Law of Thermodynamics
Second Law of Thermodynamics
Bernoulli's Equation
Blue Sky and Rayleigh Scattering
Wikipedia: Newton's Principia
Freeman Dyson &quot;Heresies&quot;
Telegraph article on Lisi E8 theory
Biomass Energy Home Page Biofuel Technologies
The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Argument in Quantum Theory (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Everett's Relative-State Formulation of Quantum Mechanics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
JSTOR: Operations Research, Vol. 11, No. 3 (May - Jun., 1963 ), pp. 399-417
[0807.3286] The Strong Free Will Theorem
Gauge theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Action (physics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Endless Universe: Introduction to the Cyclic Universe (ActionBioscience)
M-theory, the theory formerly known as Strings


Lenstra - Selecting Cryptographic Key Sizes
OutGuess - universal Steganography
StegoArchive.Com - Steganography Information, Software, and News to Enhance Your Privacy.
CoreStreet cert validity - VTokens
Gentoo Linux Projects -- Keychain
Perl crypto - modules
Cryptographic Appliances Teams with IBM Research to Develop Secured Linux Port
Using the Fluhrer, Mantin, and Shamir Attack to Break WEP
RC4 Page
export-a-crypto-system sig
RC4 in 3 lines of perl
Gallery of CSS Descramblers
Rijndael - NIST's selection for the AES
Cryptix algorithms
PKuP Data Sheet
Overview of Certification Systems: X.509, CA, PGP and SKIP
X.509 certificates
SHA-1 (FIPS 180-1)
IEEE P1363: Standard Specifications For Public Key Cryptography
OpenSSL: Documents, openssl(1)
mod_ssl: Preface
Roger Clarke's 'PKI as Mis-Fit'

Intro to Crypto (***)

International Crypto Software
Introduction to Cryptography

NTRU Cryptosystems
United States Patent: 6,081,597 (NTRU)
Wassenaar - TOC
NormBasis & BigInt Source
Motorola AIM
40-bit crypto proves no problem
SSLeay: SSLeay and SSLapps FAQ
Transport Layer Security (tls)
Australian Controls on the export of Defence and Strategic Goods
The NSA's Influence on New Zealand Crypto Policy
Schneier book errata
Crypto Law Survey
Cryptography links
QUT DSTC Home Page
The International PGP Home Page
PGP -- Pretty Good Privacy
John Doe (Anon) Remailer
National Security Agency
Bokler's Guide to &quot;CRACKER&quot; Software
CRAK Software
CRAK PWCrackers
AccessData PWCrackers
ITAR Civil Disobedience
rpini - CryptoCD
Fulltime RSA
Microsoft CryptoAPI
CSPDK DistAuthNotice
Public Key References
Galois Field (Florent Chabaud)
Kevin McCurley
McCurley home page
Gutmann's Crypto links
Gutmann: Encryption Tutorial
Gutmann Cryptlib
JCrypt (Java crypto)
ApplCrypto source
AC2 Errata Version 2.0
Canada's export controls
Security-Related Standards
S.E.T. specifications
Intl Assn Crypto Research
Bellcore DFA press rls
Canada Crypto Export
STT (std) Formats and Protocols
The Cryptography FAQ Part 5
SPEKE - A Strong Password Method
Cryptography Links Outside of North America
PGutmann Crypto Links
Andrew M. Odlyzko
MK Shen's PRNG page
Digicash math tutorial
Protego SG100 H/W random source
PRNG testing refs
The history of NSE Home Page
Pate crypto books online
Handbook of Applied Cryptography
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Development Effort
Encrypting your Disks with Linux
Ciphers By Ritter: Cryptography and Technology
Real Time Cryptanalysis of A5/1 on a PC
Physics Today November 2000
HotBits: Genuine Random Numbers
Roger Clarke's 'PKI as Mis-Fit'
High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection System
Modes of Operation - Proposed Modes - NIST AES
EE Times - Diffie/Rivest Palladium critique
Diffie perspective - secrecy .ne security
Probs/Promise in Largest PKI ||
NIST hashing: C S R C - Cryptographic Toolkit
Crypto 2004/ MD5 broken
CITS - MD5 Collisions
Snapshield - phone crypto units
Florent Chabaud
OnlineCourse: Practical Aspects of Modern Cryptography
AES Core for FPGA (Xilinx, Altera, Actel) and ASIC - Helion Technology
SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 hash Cores for FPGA (Xilinx, Altera, Actel) and ASIC - Helion Technology


The SSL Protocol
Baltimore Tech - SSL description
MS doc - SSL/TLS history

Quantum crypto

MagiQ Technologies
ID Quantique: random numbers, etc.
The Reversible and Quantum Computing Group (Revcomp)


RF field strength

RF Field Strength Meter
Field Strength Meter - Digifield RF Meter( EMI RFI EMC microwave antenna ham radio equipment test electric field field)
SAR Requirements for Australia
Powerflux requirements
Narda-STS : RF units
Cell Phone Facts - Consumer Information on Wireless Phones (Information Provided By: FDA and FCC)
Phone SAR value search: FCC OET Generic Search Report
Meter puts low-frequency fields on trial - Link Microtek
WHO: EM field stds (1.25uT=1A/m)

The DIY (Ghetto) UPS
Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
EPIC System - USB/sim controller
Philips’ Fluid Lenses: Digital Photography Review
GPS theory
N1BUG Web: Lasercom DX Page
ACM Queue -- Open Spectrum
Business News - 'Public park' radio frequency released
Amateur Lightwave Communication
Video connector explanations
Circuit Cellar - Magazine for Computer Application
Instructables: step-by-step collaboration
ACM Queue - The Magic of RFID - Just how do those little things work anyway?
RFID Viruses and Worms
Tagged: RFID implant forum
Make RFID Blocking Wallet - RFID IO tools
From Stick Diagram to Layout
Lego logic gates
Airfoils and Airflow [Ch. 3 of See How It Flies]
Angle of Attack Stability, Trim, and Spiral Dives [Ch. 6 of See How It Flies]
Stalls and Spins [Ch. 18 of See How It Flies]
Nuclear Weapon Design

Genetics, MolBio

DNA - The Double Helix
The Genetic Code
The Genetic Basis of Neurological Disorders
Human Genome Project
The Genome Database
Ensembl Genome Browser
Glossary - National Human Genome Research Institute
Meiosis Tutorial
Genome Glossary
Genome Research
Genome Research -- Weiss 8 (7): 691
NCBI Entrez Databases
Spectral Karyotyping
Genetics: Freeman Dyson's Brain
BioBricks (SciAmer)
PLoS Biology: Open-Access Journal
How to Extract DNA from Anything Living
Study Explains Evolution of complexity
Glycogen Breakdown and Synthesis Are Reciprocally Regulated
Glycogen Metabolism
Biochemistry textbook
15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense: Scientific American


Calculus ebooks

Slashdot | Five Free Calculus Textbooks
Calculus notes - Garrett
Difference Equations to Differential Equations
The Calculus of Functions of Several Variables
Elementary Calculus using Infinitesimals
Calculus Bible


Fractal Art FAQ: Basic fractal information
Fractal Art FAQ: Theoretical information
Fractal dimension
Turtle graphics and L-systems (Fractals)
okstate/wright: Dynamical Systems (Fractals etc)
Fractals - Fractal Recursions
Fractal Animations

SAGE: Open Source Mathematics Software
Quaternion -- from MathWorld
Re: Quaternions & 3D Rotations - Quaternion Powers
Quantum Information Theory
Florent Chabaud & primitive polynomials
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
The R Project for Statistical Computing
AThe Riemann Hypothesis
Encyclopedia4U - Spinor - Encyclopedia Article
Encyclopedia4U - Maxwell's equations - Encyclopedia Article
Dirichlet's Theorem on Primes in Arithmetic Progressions
How many primes are there?
Bell Laboratories Computing and Mathematical Sciences Research
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
Ted Hill - math, benford law
Waterloo Maple Math SW
The Law of Sines
Ceva's Theorem
CECM Math Rsrch & Web Interfaces
High School Maths Reference (US)
WWWFinance - Bond Valuation: Campbell R. Harvey Automatic Calculus, Matrix Algebra, and Polynomials
42nd Mersenne Prime (Probably) Discovered
Wild Egg Books (Rational Trigonometry)
Top 100 Theorems
Trisecting the Angle
Manifesto of
Power of a Point Theorem
Dividing a Segment by Paper Folding
WolframTones: An Experiment in a New Kind of Music
Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
The Object Server Home Page (COS)
Golden Ratio -- from Wolfram MathWorld
The Mathematical Magic of the Fibonacci Numbers
Silver Means
Continued Fractions - An introduction
commutative algebra « The notes of a sleepy math undergrad
Mondrian - Interactive Statistical Graphics in JAVA
The Orbit of the Moon around the Sun is Convex!


Basics of Space Flight
Scaled Composites - Tier One / SpaceShipOne Home Page
NASA/ESA Hubble Image Archive
NASA Blue Marble
Nasa MODIS earth images
Space News-Gravastar
The Nine Planets
Astronomy On-Line: Lunar Eclipse: The Moon's diameter and distance to the Earth
Heavens-Above Main Page
distance to the Moon determined
Project Galileo (JPL)
Galileo Project
Planetary Photojournal: NASA's Image Access Home Page
STScI/HST Pictures
Earth Picture List
Space Imaging - pix by order
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
Near-Earth Asteroid 3753 Cruithne
Mars rover photos
Lunar He3 fusion factoids
Don Mitchell - Soviet Space progs
MAD Scientist: The Van Allen Belts and Travel to the Moon
Near Earth Objects Dynamic Site
Tumbling Stone - NEOs, asteroids, comets, meteors and Earth impact hazards...
ISS/shuttle photos
NeoDys - Near Earth Objects Dynamic Site


Molecular Nanotechnology Guidelines
TCS: Tech - No Nano Secrecy, Please
UK nanotech study - Royal Society


Fuzzy Hash
Ars Technica: Understanding the Microprocessor - Page 1 - (12/2002)
Ars Technica: Understanding Pipelining and Superscalar Execution - Page 1 - (12/2002)
HH guide to mainframes
NIST Scientific and Technical Databases - NIST Mugshot Identification Database (MID)
Cellular Automata FAQ - Generalites
Wolfram's Principle of Computational Equivalence: a Reality Check
PDP-8/E Simulator


Balance of payments: definition, impact on Canadians' lives, example and related links
Economic concepts: definitions, their impact on Canadians' lives and examples
International Trade Theory and Policy Analysis - Table of Contents


Kant: the Universal Law Formation of the Categorical Imperative
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Voidspace - The Sitemap
10 Classics from Cognitive Science
Personal construct psychology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
NewSci 13 things that don't make sense
Paul Feyerabend
Locations of Maharishi Health Education Centres
The Ayn Rand Lexicon — Lexicon Entry: Logical Positivism
The Life of Plato
Pastafarianism - Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
1945 history timeline


Thirty-eight dishonest tricks +24638tricks+
The Atheism Web: Logic & Fallacies



iBarcoder 2.8.0 software download - Mac OS X - VersionTracker
Bar Code Fonts Page
BarCode 1 Code 128 Info Page
Barcode Mill Home Page

Mail and spam

Mail Filtering - Introduction
export Opera Contacts to GMail / PC / Opera
How I nuked mobile spam
Spam Arrest - Take Control of Your Inbox

MPEG4 and Media Stuff

ffmpeg audio/video manipulation
Comparison of container formats - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MultimediaWiki - format details
EB Products - CloneCD
FlasK MPEG Home Page
The Ultimate DivX Resource Site - Players
MPEG4 Player for HANIM 1.1 Compliant VRML Body - LIG/EPFL
Terran Interactive-Codec Central- MPEG-4
Multimedia Over IP: RSVP, RTP, RTCP, RTSP
Audio Coding Wiki - AudioCodingWiki
FLAC - links
Forum: ideas for capturing BBC iPlayer streams (RTMP)

Privacy + Copyright

EPIC - Online Privacy Tools
The Freenet Project - /index
TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux
Macromedia Flash:Privacy Settings Panel
NZ copyright, format-shifting, etc
Mixmaster & Remailer Attacks
Andre Bacard's Privacy Page
Anonymity on the Internet
Guardster Free Web Proxy
CGIProxy-- HTTP/FTP Proxy in a CGI Script
AntiProxy.Com Net Privacy
infoAnarchy || Why Freenet is Complicated (or not)
Infraworks - Products - Sanitizer
Relakks - Surf the web anonymously and secure
Tor: Download
Tor: OnionRouting/Privacy
Tor: An anonymous Internet communication system
Your Face Is Not a Bar Code
NZ copyright submissions 2001
How Web Servers' Cookies Threaten Your Privacy
The Internet Junkbuster Proxy on Windows
Froomkin: The Death of Privacy?
Hacktivismo Six/Four
Privoxy - Home Page
Home of MultiProxy and Anonymous proxy list
Welcome to Ultimate Anonymity - Complete Anonymous Web Resources

DotNet and MS

Mono = open dotnet
I Am Not A Geek WinXP info


Welcome to Belkin - OmniView™ Pro
Alteon WebSystems
Welcome to Radware
Peeking Into Google

Mesh networks

Wireless Mesh Networks
ZigBee Alliance
LocustWorld MeshBox released! :: LocustWorld :: The Information Revolution!!! - mesh networking hardware and software
FreeS/WAN Project: Home Page



BoDetect Download
Finding Your Back Orifice


keylogger Project details for uberkey

CDRInfo-CactusDataShield Analysis
D.I.R.T. Remote Access Trojan
hVCPlus - Die Seite
OpenBSD honeypot whitepaper
Shatter: Windows Msg Hacks
The Attacks on GRC.COM ™ (Erricson WAP Mobile Phone Bug Allows Wiretapping)
Document:European Scrambling System 5 - The Black Book
Syndicated HackWatch 050297
j e r e m y b . n e t :: SkyTV hack
p l a y f a i r
Releases :: THC (The Hackers Choice)
Gozi Trojan - Research - SecureWorks


IPtables: Connection tracking
IP Spoofing LG #63
The HackPalace
HOWTO: What Packets Look Like
Placing Backdoors Through Firewalls

SASL authentication

SASL rfc2222.txt
MandrakeSecure: Enabling SASL support in postfix

NSA Security Configuration Guides
DoxPara Research - DNS test - Kaminsky
:: knock - a port-knocking implementation ::
IPsec VPN: FreeS/WAN Project
Top 100 Network Security Tools
Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory
Microsoft TechNet Security Bulletins CUPS vuln
CERT/CC EthernetDriver Vuln
Online Stealth And Security Tests
The Peon's Guide To Secure System Development
Viper Win2K Services Configuration
Windows 2000 Security Rollup Package, January, 2002
ProCheckup Ltd - Vulnerabilities
O'Reilly Scanning for Rootkits
ISS : X-Force Vulnerability database
SecuritySearch.Net Vulnerabilities Database
SecurityFocus home vulns archive: vendor
Sophos Anti-Virus products
McAfee - AVERT
SecurityFocus - virus
Symantec Antivirus Info
NSA Windows Security Recommendation Guides
NSA W2K security setup via Cryptome
net stumbler dot com
Q296861 - Use QChain.exe to Install Multiple Hotfixes with Only One Reboot
Q303215 - Microsoft Network Security Hotfix Checker (Hfnetchk.exe) Tool Is Available
Workstation NT - Internet Security - Secure Windows NT for the Internet
ASTALAVISTA.COM Default Passwords
KeyGhost KeyLogger : Tiny hardware key loggers record keystrokes
HackerWacker key logging - Intrusion Detection
Shields UP! ProbeMyhPorts
Network ICE Products - Black ICE Defender ™ (Security News)
Brown Orifice HTTPD
Zone Labs - Home
SSH - Main Page
NMRC files
Nmap -- Network Audit --
LANguard - Network Security Product
Windows Packet Capture Library
Security-Enhanced Linux
Markus Kuhn's Publication List - TamperProofing
.:[packet storm]:. -
Detect Host Vulnerability
grc - safe NT network binding config
SANS Top 20 Vuln and fixes
How to build a cheap Security NOC
Port Knocking
NISCC TCP Vulnerability
F-Prot Antivirus | F-Prot AVES - anti-spam and anti-virus e-mail filtering service |
The Metasploit Project
DNS amplification attacks


Ken Lunde's Home Page
Microsoft Global IME
JWPce Support Information
Monash Nihongo ftp Archive
NJStar Asian Software Development. («n·¥¬P³n¥ó¤½¥q)
Word Processing

Web Authoring


blogdex - the weblog diffusion index
Daypop - weblog/news search engine Blog s/w


Website Builder Tools for Dreamweaver, Super Suite - WebAssist
Website Creator, SiteAssist Professional for Dreamweaver

W3C - HTML 4 Specification
Sparkline PHP Graphing Library
TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook
Steve's free web page templates
The Acid3 Test
W3C HTML4 - Global doc structure
WWW Consortium (W3C)
IETF Home Page
Webmonkey | reference
Morons in wwwebbbbbbbb ssspaaaaaaaaaaace!
HTML refs
W3C HTML 4.01 Specification
The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press
Design Based on Edward Tufte's Principles
Ask E.T.: Feynman-Tufte principle
Greek Letters and Math Symbols as gifs
JavaScript Reference
Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
Free HTML Meta Tag Generator to create complete page metatags easily!
Animating My First GIF
Dynamic Drive DHTML/JS library
JavaScript tutorials
Scriptomania - Free DHTML scripts, tutorials, etc.
Microsoft Site Builder Workshop
OneWorld/SingNet WWW & HTML Developer's JumpStation - Page 1
What's New at Sausage Software
EdWin Home Page
Matt's Script Archive
InfoStreet's WWW Help
How to do forms
Frames Decoder
How to Obscure Any URL
WWW Viewer Test Page
Mod_Layout FAQ
iMasters - CSS form style/positioning


Netscape DevEdge Online
Mozilla Crypto Group
Client Side State - HTTP Cookies


15seconds IIS resource site

Misc refs

Internet FAQ Archives
Internet RFC/FYI/STD/BCP Archives
RFC Sourcebook, protocols & ports
Sender Policy Framework
Brian's Buzz | Search WIndows
HOWTO: What Packets Look Like
John McGowan's AVI Overview
ETSI Pubs (incl GSM specs)
OSI 7-layer def
Microsoft Scripting Technologies
Request for Comments
Internet TLD list
Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
VNC - Virtual Network Computing from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge
Web protocols overview doc
Innosoft - Directory Solutions - LDAP World - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (Version 3)
DirectNIC domainreg
.NU Domain Name - Multilingual
StarComWireless - Meteorbursts
Bell Laboratories Computing and Mathematical Sciences Research
Column: l33t sp34k
Men & Mice's DNS Glossary
BIND info
Register Your .NU Domain Name Today
Flawed Routers Flood University of Wisconsin Internet Time Server
Zope Corporation
Rendezvous=Apple zeroconf netwking std
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help
IRC Channel Lists
The Mundaneum Museum Honors the First Concept of the World Wide Web -
AWS EC2 commandline tool

Cool Phone Stuff

Third-party software

Asterisk™ - The Open Source Linux PBX : - Symbian OS Communicators and Smartphones Info Center
Mindterm - AppGate Network Security AB
Free MIDlets from Spruce Technologies
PuTTY for Nokia 9200 Communicator Series
PuTTY for Sony Ericsson P800
Nokia: Software HandangoTelnet
Nokia 9210 Telnet
Nokia 9290 Communicator Software
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications
Sony Ericsson - P800
PlaceLab - phone self-location s/w
Nokia Debuts Preminet Service Neo Base
Google Voice Search Demo
Nokia 6500 Slide iSync plug-in
Asterisk VoIP - own telco for $6K
t2v - Text to Voice
Aplix Corporation // JBlend Platform Detail
Sun Java MIDP Documentation
SRI Technologies: PacketHop
DevGuru WML Introduction
WML tutorial
BeVocal Café: Supercharge Your Phone!
Forum Nokia
DoCoMo Net
Bill Joy's Six Webs: A Gold Mine for Developers
Staying in Sync
New Nokia 3650 based on Series 60 platform enhances global market for new mobile applications
The meta tag
w3schools WAP Pages
Java cellphone API Reg article
Sun JCP - JSR185 Java cellphone specs
Vodafone - Technical Specs Reference cool ringtones & more. Featuring: Usher, 50 cent, Green day, Rap, Eminem, Candy shop, Lovers and friends, Country, Ciara, Linkin park, The game, All, How we do, Nelly, Metallica, Lil jon, Mario, Hip hop, Ringtones, Greenday, Rock, Ti, Bollywood, Free ringtones, Free, 50cent, 2pac, Snoop dogg, Barbie girl, Beatles,
Yamigo (IM) - It's a Wireless Village
What is DECT? Some Answers...
maemo -
Danish Study Disputes Cellphone-Cancer Link


DIY Wiretapping: The Ultimate Guide (and How to Fight Back) - IT Security
FlexiSPY - Spy Phone
RecordMyCalls - Record calls. Anytime, anywhere
CSI Stick - Cell Phone Data Extraction

Wireless stuff

SatPhoneStore: Inmarsat Regional B-GAN
Iridium 9505 Motorola - Traveler Package
Cantenna; Wi-Fi Antenna for the masses
Reseau Citoyen: SardineCanAntenna
CommVerge Satellite Cellular
Making the Leap to 4G Wireless
net stumbler dot com
O'Reilly Network: Bridging 802.11 Networks with Linksys [Aug. 24, 2001]
O'Reilly Network: Home Monitor on a Cell Phone [Jul. 23, 2001]
roxim - 802.11a wireless
802.11 antenna from an old floppy disk and a paper clip
Wireless Devcenter - Wireless Java
WLAN security hazards
Welcome to GSM World - The Home of GSM on the Web
Testing wireless security
Risk Management of Wireless Networks |
southstation.pdf - Boston wifi insecurity
WLAN connection problems on S60 - Connectivity - Nokia Support Discussions

Grid and P2P

Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC)
Download BOINC client software
VNC - Virtual Network Computing from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge
Globus: The Globus Toolkit
Distributed Computing Projects
Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects - Active Projects
Hacktivismo - Six/Four, etc.
The Official BitTorrent Home Page

Hosting + Services

Data Recovery - The Best in Data Recovery Services.
Data Recovery Services - Media Conversion and Duplication by Ontrack Data International
Data4U - NZ DataConversion
Shaffstall Corporation, Inc.

OpenDNS > Get Started > Enable OpenDNS - MailHop Outbound Domains/etc.
NZ ISP listings
Universal Networks New Zealand
ComCen Internet Services [ Hosting Plans ]
WebProvider(dot)com - Webware - E-mail Forwarding
Global Roaming - NetAway
Amazon EC2 page
Ubuntu and Debian AMIs for Amazon EC2 -

TEX/LaTeX stuff

The TeX Catalogue OnLine, Preface Home Edition
the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
MacTeX - TeX Users Group
Online tutorials for LaTeX

SW Development


Google App Engine - Google Code
Configuring an App - Google App Engine - Google Code
Hello, World! - Google App Engine - Google Code


Cocoa Objective-C Language Guides
The Objective-C 2.0 Programming Language: Introduction to The Objective-C 2.0 Programming Language
comp.lang.objective-C FAQ listing
Cocoa Reference
Cocoa Data Management Reference
NSString Class Reference
NSValue Class Reference
Tools Xcode Guides
Cocoa Application Tutorial Using Objective-C
Xcode quick tour guide
OSXFAQ - Cocoa Hello
Cocoa Travels: Customizing XCode File Templates
Theocacao: A Quick Objective-C 2.0 Tutorial
Theocacao: A Quick Objective-C 2.0 Tutorial: Part II
Leopard Technology Series for Developers: Objective-C 2.0 Overview
The Objective-C 2.0 Programming Language -- Introduction to PyObjC
Hot Chocolate - Cocoa dev blog
Cocoabuilder - (David Ewing) Re: XC3: text macros, autocompletion
Cocoabuilder - Mail archive
OSX: keyboard LEDs, sensors, HID events, etc.


MacDevCen: AppleScript Primer for OS X
AppleScript: Topics
T&B - AppleScript Tutorial

Ajax stuff


TurboGears: Front-to-Back Web Development
Getting Started with TurboGears
TurboGears Documentation
TurboGears: 20 Minute Wiki Tutorial
Ruby on Rails
Rails Debian Testing in Rails Wiki
:: lighttpd :: my home

Pixoh: Edit pictures online
Welcome to ajaxWrite
Writely - The Web Word Processor
DWR - Easy AJAX for JAVA | Getahead
Dojo -
Ajax Framework/sourceforge
Does JavaFX Spell The End Of AJAX?
Mozilla Labs Blog » Blog Archive » Prism
Adobe - Adobe AIR for Ajax Developers
AIR HelloWorld

jxtaperl Project Home Page
TinyP2P in Python
MoleSter - a tiny file-sharing application

GTK+ and Qt/Linux RAD

Glade: Linux C GTK+ GUI tutorial
Qt and PyQt
DevChannel | RAD tools, part 1: Database front ends


Mono 1.0 Release Notes
MonoDevelop -- Online Catalog: Mono: A Developer's Notebook


Java DB

JDBC(TM) Technology Drivers - Search Results
JDBC Drivers and Vendors Hypersonic SQL: A Desktop Java Database
mSQL 2.0 User Guide
InstantDB: Download Index
Bluestream Database Software Corp.
Informix Cloudscape
jGuru: Setting up the Database


The Apache Struts Web Application Framework
JSP Index -webapp tutorial, example, code, tag, bean


BeanShell - Introduction
BeanShell - Documentation

The Java Tutorial
Groovy (java-ish)
Eclipse RCP Rich Client Platform
SWT, Swing or AWT: Which is right for you?
BINGO! Java tutorial app
Forte for Java: Support
developerWorks: Apache SOAP
A Simple Multithreaded Web Server
JHDL DES Example
C# From a Java Developer's Perspective
JCreator - Java IDE
J2EE vs. Microsoft.NET
Java Programmer's SourceBook : Thinking in Java | Useful URLs: Development Tools
Roedy Green's Java & Internet Glossary
Java: Programming for the Internet
JavaAPI Search
Java Plug-in Scripting
Live Software Products: JRun FAQ
Java FAQ
Cool Applets We've Written (Beta)
Languages for the Java VM
API User's Guide
Java(tm) Language Debugging
JDK - Products and APIs
Apache Project
Java-Linux: Java(tm) Tools for Linux
The Jakarta Project
Gamelan Java resources
SNTP API Availability
Java Security - Keytool etc
Security in Java 2 SDK 1.2
Kawa Tutorials
Handling network timeouts in Java
Applet Security FAQ
INTERNALMEMOS.COM - Sun Java problems
jGuru: Fundamentals of the JavaMail API, Short Course Contents
Java Bluetooth
Java API Map [Mar. 18, 2002]
Test Java Virtual Machine - jvm test applet
Sun Java Studio Creator 2 Documentation-Installation and Release Notes


JavaScript Scripting Resources
The Document Object Model (DOM), Part I -
JavaScript Reference
DevEdge Online - Dynamic HTML Manual - The Webmaster's Reference Library - Web Authoring Tips & Tutorials for Developers
MSDN Online Web Workshop - DHTML, HTML & CSS Home
Dive Into Greasemonkey
Take Control with User JavaScript
Mastering Ajax, Part 2: Make asynchronous requests with JavaScript and Ajax


Template Toolkit Home Page
Regex Reference
PerlQt - Give a GUI to your Perl
CPAN modules
CPAN Module docs by module
PerlfaqPrime FAQs [May. 17, 2001]
Programmatic Time Usage With Perl
Perl Journal -TPJ Magazine
Introduction to Perl
anonymous proxy server (Feb 97)
WT Columns by Randal
Rex Swain's HTMLified Perl 5 Reference Guide Documentation [July 24,2003]
Introduction to Perl
Autoresponder - Perl, CGI
Perl in 20 pages
Vector Space Search Engine in Perl


Introductory Material on Python
Mac OS X Python Packages for Universal Python 2.4 on Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later (Intel and PPC)
Python for Programmers
Python cookbook
Python in a Nutshell, Second Edition
Python 2.2 Quick Reference
Python 2.3 Quick Reference
Python Documentation
Python Library Reference
Python Tutorial
FAQTs - Python : Snippets
snipwiki - code snippets, tagged
Book: GUI with Python and Qt
Perl/Python Phrasebook (old)
An Introduction to Tkinter
Why Python? | LJ | ESR :: Products : BlackAdder : FAQ and Roadmap
Beat spam using hashcash
The Vaults of Parnassus: Python Resources
SourceForge pydev for eclipse
Python: module basicproperty.basic
A Logging System for Python
Glyphsaw Puzzle
Webcam Jigsaw Solver in 200 Lines of Python
freshmeat: Python Imaging Library
CX Tools - Python Utilities
Neat notation for python closures
learning python » Tutorial Index
GUI in Python using Tkinter (1/2)
Tkinter reference: a GUI for Python
Tkinter Life Preserver

Ruby Ajax on Rails
Ruby on Rails
Agile Web Development with Rails


MySQL Manual
Qt Reference Documentation
Distributed Computing Development
.NET vs. J2EE
Bloodshed Software - Free Compilers
r a d s o f t . n e t
The INTERCAL Programming Language Revised Reference Manual
The Random Programming Languages List
RamDisk98 - Windows 95/98 RAM Disk Software
RamDiskNT - Windows NT 4.0/2000 RAM Disk Software
The Comprehensive R Archive Network
Allround Automations - Oracle comps
Opera Voice Recog - Multimodal
GNU make - Complex Makefile Example
SourceGear Vault: A Compelling Replacement for VSS
SourceOffSite: Access SourceSafe over the Internet
Valgrind - Linux memchk, profiler, etc
The FreeDOS Project
SMC: The State Machine Compiler
Interview with C++ Creator Bjarne Stroustrup


XML/CSS/XSLT site tutorial

1developerWorks: XML zone : A site reborn: The redesign
2developerWorks : Usability | Web architecture : The redesign, Part 2
3developerWorks : Usability : The redesign, Part 3
4developerWorks: Usability : The redesign, Part 4: A site reborn

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)
XALAN Getting Started
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
XML 1.0 spec W3C
Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)
XML Encryption Syntax and Processing
XSL Transformations (XSLT)
XML Zone
CreativeCommons, RSS schemas
Extensibility: XML Infrastructure Solutions
Frequently Asked Questions about the Extensible Markup Language
CUESoft - CUEXml Delphi
Delphi XML Parser
Oasis XML Cover Pages
XSL The Extensible Style Language (Web Techniques, Jan 1999)
XSL Developer's Guide
XML-RPC Home Page
XML::RSS Intro for News Syndication


Windows Management Instrumentation: A Simple, Powerful Tool for Scripting Windows Management -- MSDN Magazine, April 2000
Rough Guide to Windows Script Host
WshShell Object
Working with Active Server Pages
MS NZ Developer page
Win95 RAS API (Dial-up networking)
VBA Comp. (OLE...) Home Page
MS Support Knowledge Base
MS Support Free Software
Microsoft ftp Softlib Directory
Microsoft Exchange Frequently Asked Questions
Component Object Model (COM), DCOM, and Related Capabilities
WinXP: Boot Speedup


InterBase at Dunstan Thomas Ltd
XCase - $400 CASE tool
Delphi - InterBase
InterBase Technical Information
Extending InterBase
Creating UDFs with Delphi 2.0


SQLite home page
Firebird - Relational Database for the New Millennium
SAP E-Business Solutions [SAP DB]

Delphi places

Lazarus/FreePascal (Sourceforge)
efg's Kylix Deployment Notes
The Delphi Cryptography Page
Super Page - Aust mirror
Super Page - Uploads info
Unofficial Delphi Developers FAQ
Directory of /pub/delphi_www
PBear's Delphi VCL Components and Utilities
XMLWorks - XML Generation and Parsing for Delphi
Jan Peter's Delphi TShellTree
The Internet Mail Suite
Delphi Supports Internet Developers
New Zealand Delphi User Group
Delphi NT components (good)
Lischner (Tempest) components
VBxtras Category Index
CityZoo - Delphi Announcements
Delphi Tips & Tricks
Delphi Resources
Reilly Programming Page
Micro Utilities Ltd
Delphi Developer's Journal
Boris Ingram (Cyborg) Home Page
StarTech Mail Components
ArGo S/W - Delphi Mail comps
Delphi Jobs
Delphi Archive
ftp to clpda archives
ftp to WinTechJ sources
List of Delphi Sites
IntegrationWare, Inc.
Vtune profiler
Building ActiveX Controls Using Delphi
Delphi Pages
Caller ID developer tools


UNIX Utilities - awk
The Lua Programming Language Build a Dashboard Widget
User Interface Design for Programmers - Chapter 9
Programmer's Paradise
Widgets for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook
Windows Annoyances
Shell Script Library :: Wicked Cool Shell Scripts: Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, Bash, Bourne Shell, scripting -- by Dave Taylor
Python Tutorial
C++ Language Tutorial
Dr. Dobb's Journal
Chameleon Internet Software Developer's Kit-Press Release
Eurosource homepage
Springsoft - S/W Archive links
VSL Shareware Lib
The Toolbox
Soft Solutions : Home Page
BC5 patches
QA: Evaluation assurance levels (EAL - USgovt)
Main Page - Rosetta Code

Pascal source

SWAG (Sourceware Archive Group)
Pascal Sources from Klaus Hartnegg
Garbo Windows 95 collection


Object Pascal Language Guide: Index
Borland: Delphi 5 Books Online
The Model-View-Controller Architecture
Twisted Ch 1-MVC example
JSP Index -webapp tutorial, example, code, tag, bean
Ars Technica: Understanding the Microprocessor - Page 1 - (12/2002)

Legal etc

GROKLAW opensource article


CMMI main page
CMMI s/w Continuous
CMMI s/w Staged



Tips | Mac Geekery
recent posts for Mac Geekery
All About launchd Items (and How To Make One Yourself) | Mac Geekery
Nondestructively Resizing Volumes | Mac Geekery
Core Data as a Cheap Database | Mac Geekery
Kill Caps Lock | Mac Geekery
Mac Geekery - Copy Path Contextual Menu for Finder
Hiding Applications From The Dock | Mac Geekery
Malformed Installer Package Can Crack Mac OS X
Turning Off Unneeded Services | Mac Geekery
The Pain of a Password-Protected Screen Saver | Mac Geekery


AppleScript Language Guide
scriptbuilders @ | script archive
Scriptable Applications: Finder - Toolbar Scripts
AppleScript - GUI Scripting
GUI Scripting examples
PreFab UI Browser -- Write Your Own Automator Actions
Automator - Downloads
Automator: access extra preview features


MacFixIt - Apple WWAN Support 1.0: Some previously supported cards no longer working -- potential fix
MacFixIt - Troubleshooting Solutions for the Macintosh
Merlin XU870 Apple Mac Support
Mac OS X: How to Make a Software Update Inactive or Active

Mail x-unix-mode hole

A Leopard Mail Vulnerability — Industry Watch
Configuring Mail to Scan Incoming Email for Malware | Mac Geekery
Re: Mail Rule Triggered Script
CVE-2008-1082:Security Update 2008-003 / Mac OS X 10.5.3

Mac accented/diacritical keyboard shortcuts
Adeona: Track/Recover Stolen Laptops - anti-theft - Polls
ADC Member Site
Mac OS X Tips - Tips and Tricks for the Mac OS
13 things you didn't know about Preview | Preview | Mac OS X Tips
Mac Finder help window disappears
Troubleshooting Help Viewer
Leopard DNS Issues (and work-around)
Spotlight won’t work? Fix a broken Spotlight menu with these troubleshooting tips - OS X Daily
Macworld: Mac Gems Catalog
Finder |
Gizmodo - How To: Hackintosh a Dell Mini 9 Into the Ultimate OS X Netbook - Dell mini 9 hackintosh guide
Hide the Spotlight icon in your menubar - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
reset launch services associations
fix for a miscolored X11 cursor on Intel Macs
Darwin Ports : Open Source Software for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
Darwin Ports : Docs
DarwinPorts Guide
Fink OS X ports w/ apt-get
Mac OS X Python Packages for Universal Python 2.4 on Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later (Intel and PPC)
security software for FreeBSD
VirtualLab Data Recovery Software for Macintosh
43 Folders: OSX inventories, tips & hack collections
Arcana: StartupSound.prefPane
Borkware Quickies
Change default web browser (under Safari)
Parallels - Virtualisation for Intel Macs
Uninstall Parallels - Parallels Support - Twenty steps to help diagnose and fix system issues
Unix Commands Unique to Darwin
General OS X Troubleshooting
Spotlight tips
The X Lab: The X-FAQs
Apple - Downloads - Mac OS X
SofoTex Mac Downloads - Download mac os x freeware and shareware
VersionTracker: Mac s/w
What is .DS_Store? at Jalecode
Use/setup Postfix on OS X
Create RAM disk on OS X
OS X:Set env vars at user login
Command-line Backup Solutions on Mac OS X
rsync backup of flashdrives
Mac OS X: Command Line Archival
Ten OS X Command Line Utilities you might not know about - OS X Daily
Unofficial OSX patches
Mono on the Mac: Time to look beyond Linux? | Reg Developer
Faronics Deep Freeze Mac with ARD integration - ABSOLUTE Macintosh Integrity
ungenius - System Restore
OS X: PreFab UI Browser: GUI scripting aid
OSX - FileTypes/LaunchServices/lsregister
OS X Software for Switchers
x-platform dev Win/Mac:Qt | HotApp
QuicKeys X - Overview
Script Software - Essential Software for Mac and Windows
X-keys by P.I. Engineering
Download Dashboard Widgets - Softpedia - Disable virtual memory / swap files
Geek to Live: Complete, free Mac backup - Lifehacker
Geek to Live: GeekTool tips
SuperDuper! Mac backups
ffmpegX a DVD, SVCD, VCD, CVD, VOB, DivX, XviD, H.264, PSP, iPod, MP4, MOV, FLV encoder for Mac OSX
DVD Imager Help
Suitable Systems / SMSLib
Apple TV Hack: External USB Storage
Secure Mac wi-fi connection at Starbucks
HOWTO: Subscribe to Gcalendar in iCal
LogMeIn Hamachi - Instant VPN Software for your PC
Indigo 2 remote appliance control software
machomestore - remote control h/w
macosxhints - Fast user switching from CLI
MenuStrip 3
Coriolis Systems :: Products :: iDefrag
Hand-code Spotlight queries, Smart Folders
Mac OS X Power Hound Scripts
Open Source Mac - Free, Open-Source software for OS X
AppleTVCompositeVideoHardwareHack Use MPEG2 footage in iDVD
Keyboard shortcuts in BASH
Enable hidden disk image formats in Disk Utility
Inkscape. Draw Freely.
DiskWarrior 4 - Mac disk recovery
The ACP - Serious Software
OSX key/mouse shortcuts - Rixstep
Apple - Mac OS X Leopard - Features - 300+ New Features
A Leopard Mail Vulnerability — Industry Watch
heise Security - Emailcheck
Orbicule | Undercover | Mac theft recovery
OpenPrinting/MacOSX/hpijs - The Linux Foundation
Mac OS X Services
System Services: Introduction to System Services
Limit size of Time Machine backups
10.5.3 Fixes DNS Problems Plaguing Some Leopard Users
ScreenRecycler - 2nd screen for Mac
Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts
OS X Portable Applications — FreeSMUG
OpenQVis 1.0rc1 software download - Mac OS X - VersionTracker
ATG: free Mac s/w (scientific, etc.)
Migrate Time Machine to Time Capsule - Shirt Pocket Discussions
How do I copy a Time Machine volume? - Shirt Pocket Discussions
Setting up djbdns on Mac OS X
Tiger Tips: How to enable BIND on OS X - Enable BIND for local DNS
macosxhints PicksOfTheWeek
Newer Technology Universal Drive Adapter -... (U2NV2SPATA) at OWC
Hawk Wings - Plug-ins for Apple Mail
Bluetooth Proximity Detection on OS X
Macbook Car adapter,Kensington & iGO Magsafe AC/DC car / airline / boat charger adapter for Macbook Pro --Your Magsafe Headquarters!
Install Leopard On your PC in Just One Step « The Se7eners
Run Mac OS X on a PC • The Register
JoikuShop - JoikuSpot Premium - Lifetime - Premium Software For Your Mobile
JoikuShop - SMSTalk - Premium Software For Your Mobile - 10.5: Safer sleep during networked Time Machine backups
Leopard Tips
Using SSH: Secure Tunnels for the Common Man: Part II - AppleMatters
Mac Plugin Installer Installs Software Update - Google Earth Browser Plugin | Google Groups
InterfaceLIFT: Mac OS X icons (by date)
50 Unusually Awesome Icon Sets for Mac « AppStorm



GIMP - Tutorials
GIMP - The Basics Tutorial
redhat: A Short Intro to the GIMP
Grokking the GIMP
GIMP-Perl: GIMP Scripting for the Rest of Us LG #51
GIMP/Scheme intro
GIMP Plug-In Registry
Linux J - GIMP QuickStartGuide
Sams Teach Yourself GIMP in 24 Hours:Table of Contents
Gimp Python Documentation
&quot;Smart&quot; Sharpening, Redux Image Editing Tutorials for Photographers
Blend modes
Photoshop for Photographers - book
A Scheme Tutorial for Gimp Users


Debian -- Packages
Debian worldwide mirror sites
Debian Reference
Release Notes for Debian `sarge', Intel x86
Debian Desktop Survival Guide Unofficial APT repositories
Unofficial Debian Packages
rpm in debian ? | Linux Gazette
Securing Debian Manual - Before and during the installation
Create Debian Linux packages
Debian device detection
Debian Post-Install Config hints
Debian Reference - Network configuration
My Quiet Life » Securing a Linux box in the Great Wide Open - Step 1: Which services do we really need?
Debian -- ipw2200-source
Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Driver for Linux
Debian Network Administrator's Manual - TCP/IP
Install Java & Firefox plugins on Debian ... Mini Howto


About FreeBSD Ports
MacSlash | FreeBSD Ports On MacOS X


Linux iptables HOWTO: Using iptables
FAQ: Firewall Forensics (What am I seeing?)
10 minutes to an iptables-based Linux firewall - Sep 20, 2001
CERT/CC Intruder Detection Checklist
netfilter/iptables - Documentation

Wireless - which wireless? - where Linux newbies come for help - Calling all wireless geeks!!! - where Linux newbies come for help
Linux & Wireless LANs
Apple supports Bluetooth
Affix Bluetooth Protocol Stack For Linux
Linux/snort for linksys wrt54g
Kismet: Discovering Wireless Networks
Enable WPA Wireless access point in Ubuntu Linux -- Debian Admin

Third-party s/w

Moneydance! Money Mgr for Linux
Accounting Solutions for Linux and Unix
PageStream - Professional DTP
Mondo Rescue: GPL Ghost-like
FreshPorts -- audio/linux-vsound
Valgrind - Linux memchk, profiler, etc
Zope - app svr/content mgmt
Rekall - db gui frontend
knoda - db gui frontend
Guarddog - Linux firewall frontend
Roaring Penguin - PPPoE for Linux
SoftMaker : TextMaker (word processor)
Asterisk- OpenSource Linux PBX
ZoneMinder: Linux home security
MEPISLinux review/useful apps
UK open-source report
Gambas - VB-like IDE for Linux
Partimage - Linux Ghost clone
MPlayer - The Movie Player
Grey Sector - MPlayer RPMs - Requirements
mplayer skins n stuff
HTML Tidy Project Page
InfoWorld: Business OSS
Unison File Synchronizer
The KDE Extragear - KDE Extragear Home
Google CodeTesseract OCR
Linux Portal: s/w / Utilities / Laptop
Mail User Agents (MUAs) for Linux
wvWare, library for converting Word documents
Splunk > logfile indexer/searcher


graphire3 patch linuxwacom-devel
Wacom Technology - Linux Driver Downloads
The Linux Wacom Project

Japanese Linux

HOWTO: Japanese IME in Mandrake 8.1
Starting Wnn
Turbolinux:WMF, J->E,DVD,Real, etc.
Turbolinux Announces First Linux Support for Microsoft Windows Media Format

kernelkeylogger bginfo

The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide
(nearly) Complete Linux Loadable Kernel Modules
Kernel Korner: The Linux keyboard driver

USB and drivers

Writing a User Space USB driver - libusb
Write a Linux USB Device Driver
The Linux USB sub-system guide
HKEmbedded Linux IG: Documentation
Writing a Simple USB Driver | Linux Journal
RevEngg USB drivers,Windows2Linux
NdisWrapper - win drivers for linux
Linuxant - DriverLoader for Wireless LAN devices - Introduction
Linux USB
USB Devices
LinuxUSB Mass Storage Devices
How to get USB devices working under Linux
Pcmcia Umts -

iPodAndMusicPlayers - NZ's definitive source for Macintosh products!
Using an iPod with Linux
Linux iPod
Basic question about using iPod as a USB 'mass storage device' | Mac Forums
GNUpod Manual:
EphPod - iPod for Windows (and Linux) :: HOME
Macworld: Linux iPod, Page 1
Rockbox - Open Source Jukebox Firmware
Unison File Synchronizer
DIY Linux home theater PC
Intro to MythTV |


KJSEmbed Documentation
Automate Desktop with KJSEmbed

The Linux Documentation Project
Loads of Linux Links: Top
Linux Docs -
Rpmfind mirror
RPM PBone Search
Start Linux tutorials read at HOWTOs
Linux Gazette: TheAnswerGroup (tag) FAQ
ESR:How To Ask Questions The Smart Way Wiki Forums - where Linux users come for help
Hardware compatibility list
Agustin's Linux Manual - h/w stuff
RedHat 9 docs & guides
Linux MAN Pages-searchable
The Linux Cookbook: Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use - Table of Contents
The Linux Kernel
ftp manpages.tar.gz
developerWorks: Linux articles
Linux Init/Boot info
The CTDP Linux User's Guide
LinuxSelfhelp - Need Linux Help?
LinuxFocus -- index
Mono = open dotnet
User guides -
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
An Introduction to Disk Partitions
vi Reference Card
online help -
Single list of mini-HOWTOs
Single list of HOWTOs
Linux Lessons : Find files using the locate command
Some examples of using Unix find command.
SMB HOWTO: Sharing A Windows Printer With Linux Machines
Mac OS X Tips for Unix Geeks
Toshiba keybounce info
The Linux keyboard and console HOWTO
X Accessibility : AccessX
Linux on Laptops
CodeWeavers - Products - CrossOver
Copyleft Linux Discs
Embedded Linux design guidance
Linux fonts - xfthack
OFL fonts
Linux Orbit - MiniLinux distros
Tinfoil Hat Linux
O'Reilly ONLamp - web development, linux, apache, mysql, perl, php, python, bsd
Tighten Linux
Linux Kernel Patches | rml Preemptive
Linux Newbies page
O'Reilly Network: Unix Power Tools [February 24, 2002]
The Linux Gurus - The Linux Help Site
Linux Ethernet-Howto
UNIX Shell Programming
BASH Programming - Introduction HOW-TO
Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial v1.05r3 - A Beginner's handbook
Easy Shell Scripting LG #133
Writing shell scripts.
CD-Writing HOWTO: Setup the Linux-system for writing CD-ROMs
Bash Prompt HOWTO
From DOS/Windows to Linux HOWTO
CodeWeavers - Products - CrossOver
The Linux Bootdisk HOWTO
EXT3 whitepaper - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text
The Ultimate Linux Box 2001: How to Design Your Dream Machine
Unix CD-Writer compatibility list
Cygwin User's Guide
Intrusion Detection on Linux
mod_ssl: The Apache Interface to OpenSSL
OpenSSL: Documents, Misc
old - mod_ssl - Apache Interface to SSLeay
Linux Installation and Getting Started
Maximum RPM - Make RPMs
Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 2nd Edition
Bastille Linux
UNIX man pages
HOWTO-Creating SSI Clusters Using UML
The Linux keyboard and console HOWTO
XFree86(TM): Support, Documentation and Resources
Linux CD-ROM Recovery (mkCDrec)
Sed - An Introduction and Tutorial - The SED $HOME
Sed by example, Part 2
chroot jail tutorial
MUO - X - Fonts
gPhoto - News
This is
Linux tivo project notes
KDE Source w/xref
Kernel Overview
Wine Development HQ
Wine HQ - Wine for Debian based distributions
Frank's Corner, WINE howtos
Linux Loadable Kernel Module HOWTO
MUO Mandrake Kernel Upgrade
The Linux Kernel HOWTO
Bug 59002 - Major memory issues on system with >2GB RAM with 2.4.9-* kernel updates
Asian Linux (Reg)
HancomLinux(w/Asian Office)
Knoppix Download
Knoppix Hard Disk Installation read tutorial at
System recovery with Knoppix
Knoppix Remastering Howto
Helix - forensic Knoppix
HNS: Linux prognosis for 2003
Using flashreader in Linux
Wacom Tablet HOWTO
New Zealand Linux Resource
NZLUG| disable portmap
Wanna learn Linux? searchable docs and tutorials
LinuxFromScratch - FAQ
CerfBoard OSGI/Linux board
MUO - X - Starting X
GRUB Manual - Introduction to GRUB
Linux Online - Getting Started with Linux: Table of Contents
Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition: Online Book
tomsrtbt home page
Book: The Art of Unix Programming
Linuxlah Kdevelop & QT Designer Hello World
Shell Scripting w/ KDE KDialog
thorough Knoppix review
O'Reilly: Unix Power Tools
BSD For Linux Users
$799 linux laptop - Element, Lycoris
Linux Laptop Review.
Linux Laptop - Pre-installed and Fully Supported Linux Laptops |
Linux disk encryption howto + threat tree
Japanese Input
The Tech Report - IDE RAID round-up - Page 1
Linux System Administration Tips & Tricks
KDEPrint Homepage - KPrinter
KMail command-line
What is DCOP?
How to: Linux apps on Mac OS X . . .
Fink - KDE Support In Fink (OS X)
Linux: Pegasus/Linksys USB network controller
User's Guide - Reading System Information
LinuxWorld | Using a DVD writer
Linux GPS Review
GmailFS - Gmail Filesystem
GMailer and gmail-lite
Xandros Desktop Deluxe Edition
KDE protocols article
Linux Programming Resources
GRUB Manual
Detailed LILO vs GRUB
Loads of Linux Links: Top - Physically Disabled
Puppy Linux - CD/RW live
ArchWiki - X11 Cursors - cursors/icons
KDE Exec parameter (%f etc) variables
Control the mouse with the keyboard?
hotplug - Dynamic Hardware Configuration
klik - point-and-klik software
Kubuntu - Pure KGX
MetroPipe: USB VirtualPrivateMachine
VectorLinux5.1 review: lean/mean
More 2 Cent Tips & Tricks LG #81
Testing Applications with Xnee | Linux Journal
OpenBSD 4.0 Release
PluginDoc: Plugins and Mozilla Firefox (Linux)
CUPS S/WAdmin Manual
Best Vim Tips

Online News && Mags

Dilbert linux/unix page
Dilbert on Yahoo - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!
BBC NEWS | News Front Page
BBC News | Low Graphics
The Register
Slashdot:News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.
BBC NEWS currencies
Exchange Rates Graph NZ/US
Exchange Rates Graph NZ/JP
New Zealand Herald
IPS Headlines - Inter Press Service
Computerworld New Zealand: New Zealand's ICT Information Source
NewsNow: The UK's #1 News Portal
Guardian Unlimited
Guardian Newsguide/Blogguide
Google News New Zealand
BBC World Service Home
BBC World Service - Listen online
BBC World Service - Programmes
BBC World Service - Presenters
BBC World Service - Contact Us
BBC - Contacting Us
BBC - Radio - Podcasts - Directory
BBC Radio Player
Listen WorldService using stand-alone Real Player
BBC world service schedules
BBC - Radio 4 - Comedy - Homepage
BBC - Radio 4 - The Mozart Efect
BBC World Service weekly email
About BBC News | Profiles
BBC PDA News Front Page
BBC Country profiles
Editorial Cartoons :: Front Page :: |
Order for 2300 GMT World Today Thursday
New Yorker Cartoon Bank
Aardvark - The Home of Cricket
New - The World's No. 1 Science and Technology News Service
Concert FM listings
Wired News
Reuters News
BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine
Japan Today: Japan news and discussion
J@pan Inc Magazine - Business, Technology, People
The BillBlog
Filthy Critic
SciTech Daily Review
Slashdot Cheesy Portal
Spread Spectrum Scene
Listen to World Service Radio
OANDA Custom Currency Converter
The Times
Trade and Exchange
Welcome to ZNet
AlterNet: Top Stories
BuzzFlash - Daily Headlines and Breaking News
Doris Granny D Haddock for US Senate
World War 3 Report
I Want
Center for Digital Democracy
The Economist
The Onion
Welcome to SD Times!
Metropolis - Japan
Sake Drenched Postcards
Al Jazeera English - AJE
robot wisdom weblog
Feedroll...freshly rolled news feeds for your site
Scoopt: the citizen journalist's photographic agency, selling mobile phone and digital camera pictures to the press and media.
Spy Media
Newseum | Today's Front Pages | Map View


ASB BANK Fastnet
WestpacTrust - IOLB: Login page
Kiwibank internet banking - Login
PORTFOLIO - Herald/FinData
BNZ login
RaboPlus - Online Savings Bank New Zealand: Savings, Term Deposits & Investments NZ
Prezzy Card balance
Twitter / Home
TwitPic / Share photos on Twitter
Skitch / images for williamraike
MyLotto - Player Site
Tattersalls Australian lotto
OSA Lotteries
Jungle Disk Web Access
Dropbox - Home - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.
Sneakemail anonymizer anti spam service - login with these free web passwords to bypass compulsory registration
iSERVE Web and Domain Hosting
Vodafone NZ
Vodafone acct access (login, clickagain)
Vodafone web2TXT
Gmail Streaming Audio - Pick Up Your Email
Google proxy - Privacy is Your Right.
CDnow : Main : Homepage
ANSI Online
DVD Software: Digital Video and Audio Multimedia Products for PCs - InterVideo


Free Textbooks

The Assayer
Open Text Book
InformIT: Store
Homepage: Amazon Web Services
SciFan: SF Books and Links
Fictionwise eBooks
Barnes & - SF/Fantasy
Cheapbooks Price Comparison
The Bookpool - Technical Books
Fatbrain - Barnes & Noble


CD WOW! - Welcome to CD WOW!
Gefen HD PVR No More MP3!
HDtracks high resolution audiophile music downloads


Computershare investor centre
NZX - Price by stock
Welcome to Zopa (UK) - The first lending and borrowing exchange - Loans that change lives
FinData: NZ50
PORTFOLIO - Herald/FinData
Quotes/Charts: Direct Broking Ltd
NZSX Indices
ASB Financial Reports
NZ Herald - Stockwatch
NZ interest rate comparisons
Welcome to ABN AMRO Craigs
NZDMO - Homepage
RBNZ Economic Indicators
RBNZ Monetary Policy Statement
Herald - NZ VC seed fund
VC wishlist
STUFF: Morel No.8 Venture Fund
Swiss Banks Directory
UBS AG - SecureNet Download
European Banking
HSBC Offshore
ORC: How much income will I need?
Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo! Australia & NZ Finance
NZ - Direct Broking Limited
WWWFinance - Bond Valuation: Campbell R. Harvey
Tokyo Stock Xchg Topix
Investing for Beginners


AutoTrader New Zealand
Auckland's Car Fair
New Zealand Car Buys cars
TrackTime - driving skills for life - driver training, automotive event organisation, Mike Eady, New Zealand
Driveline - Car leasing in New Zealand. Lease and finance for new and used vehicles in Auckland New Zealand. New and used vehciles for sale and hire purchase - cars financed smarter
InternetAutoGuide - specs etc
smartcars - Luxury Rental Car Hire - New Zealand
Vehicle history check and reports | Carjam
Cityhop - Car share
GoodGear: Rent bicyles in New Zealand


DHS announces Pre-Travel Authorization Program for U.S.-Bound Travelers from Visa Waiver Countries - U.S. Embassy Wellington, New Zealand
Visa Waiver Program (VWP)

International arrivals and departures - Auckland Airport - cheap flights
grabaseat: our best deals - Air NZ
Rideline - West Bus Timetable
Private Islands, Islands for Sale, Islands for Rent, Privatinseln New Zealand Hotels, Accommodation, Motels
Friars Guide to New Zealand Accommodation for the Discerning Traveller
Webtourist | Worldwide Hotel Reservations
Travel Online! New Zealand's leading Internet Travel Agency for hotels from Stelios, founder of easyJet
Cruises, Caribbean Cruises and Caribbean Cruise Specials | Travelzoo
Tablet Hotels: Unique Hotels for Global Nomads
The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong
Find a Cruise to South Pacific - NZ - Fine Cruising
Itinerary for Navigator, ex Sydney to Auckland on Seven Seas Navigator from Regent Seven Seas Cruises - Fine Cruising
Itinerary for Star, Holiday Heaven ex Auckland Return on Pacific Star from P and O South Pacific - Fine Cruising
Itinerary for Amsterdam, Grand Pacific Australia & NZ ex Seattle to Los Angeles on Amsterdam from Holland America Line - Fine Cruising
Itinerary for Pacific Sun, Island Fiesta ex Auckland Return on Pacific Sun from P and O South Pacific - Fine Cruising
Cosmetic Surgery Tourism, Plastic Surgery Abroad, Beauty Tours
Vaser Lipo-selection


PriceSpy - Compare prices for PC parts from New Zealand's online retailers
CompuLink - The Computer Hardware Shop
PB Technologies Ltd Auckland - Your Computer Superstore - - shopping cart.
Apple Macs NZ : : MacWarehouse : : New Zealand Mac Reseller Software Cheap Software Discount Microsoft Software
Ettus Univ S/W Radio Peripheral Software
Ascent NZ Online Shop
Acquire - IT stuff (HP 38 ink cartridges)
NotebookCity HP No.38 Ink Cartridge
McAfee, Inc. - Downloads - Login - Cheap RAM Memory for Laptop, Desktop, Apple and more!


ThinkGeek :: Retro Phone Handset
The French Art Shop
Test Strips | Pool & Spa Test Strips
Nokia 6280 - MobileFun
Nokia N82 Review
Top 100 Gadgets of All Time
Tech Digest
Shiny Shiny
Gizmos for Geeks | Whoever Has The Most Toys Wins!
Gadgets and Gizmos:Reviews/Blog
Commander X - LANTRONIX, Inc.
Gifts from RedBalloon Days - GSM reviews, opinions, votes, manuals, ringtones and more...
Parallel Imported - Car Audio, Mobile Phones, Cameras, Video Cameras - Sale and Special Offers
EmperorLinux Catalog -- Desk-Top Replacements: over 6 pounds
Digital Audio Sound Cards
DVD Recorders: Pioneer DVR-A03
Moser Electronics Company Linux Devel s/w
Rollup keyboard etc.
Electronic Warehouse: 1:32 RC DragonFly Insect
Gadgets (UK)
MEMIXDIRECT.COM Memory Watches Invisible KeyLogger Stealth for Windows 2000/XP
The Register Pogo AM/FM - Next Generation Japanese Notebooks and Electronics
GIB (Ginsberg's Intelligent Bridgeplayer)
Fuel Cell offers cells and related products
eXpansys Australia - PDAs, Mobiles & Wireless Networking
Olivetti/Olympia Manual Typewriters
RCTOYS.COM // Predator
Big Boys Toys, rc cars, rc planes, rc helicopters, slot cars, nitro engines, radio control, hot wheels, die cast. plastic models, 1735 Juan Tabo NE, Albuquerque New Mexico. hobby store, hobbies. Used pre owned. wizzard, bsrt, scale auto, reh.
Troubled Times: Mumetal Sources
Magnetic Field Shielding Materials (mu metal)
tbotech - selfdefense products
ThinkGeek :: Smart ID WiFi Detector products
Computer Dynamics NZ
ETown: New Zealand Great Electronics Online Shop! - Iomega 20GB USB hdd $89.00 PEERLESS20
WiFi Seekers
Liti holo - hologram kits
Restorelite article
Science Toys
The Spy Shop is a UK based international mega spy store. Spy equipment ranges from covert cameras to electronic surveillance systems.
Bugging stuff
Belkin iPod Digital Camera Link | The Register
Connect iPod to your TV: Watch Videos, Pictures on the large screen at Digital Inspiration - Phobile/etc
PoGo! Products Radio YourWay
forget-me-not panties
Spark Fun Electronics - prototyping
Whisper Tech : WhisperGen Home Heat & Power Generator (Stirling Engine)
BeepCard - Security a beep away - ComDot reader free technology
the barmaid - pick yourself up a barmaid tonight - distributed by beverage concepts limited
Shocknife training knife
Wrightspeed ElecSupercar
Buy A Valentine One (V1) V1.8 Radar Detector with 2 Band Pop Protection Now At For New Zealand NZ Australia AU
Welcome to Young's Airgun
Slim Devices Squeezebox
I-Tech's Virtual Laser Keyboard (Home page) revolutionary Aid for Smart Phone PDA or Laptop
WickedLasers: Elite Series
BriteStrike 198 lumen torch
Gas Mask - Domestic Preparedness Equipment from Approved Gas Masks
Emotiv Headset
Pickbuster - Stop Cylinder Bumping Now - Bumpkey
real silicon doll/4woods
Mobile monitoring: FlexiSPY
spy phone, spyphone, spy software, sms spy, call interceptor, mobile cell phone spy
Air2Water - pure water, water machine, water from air, residential water cooler, water system
Open-source hearing aid - Godisa
NerdKits - DIY Marquee LED Array Display
Fitzsu Modern gifts
Retrevo - Product Manuals and Details

External storage

Kingston Technology Company - Flash Memory - DataPak 260
CD-R Media CorporateComputers
Comp-U-Plus Iomega 35GB Ext USB Drive
SanDisk Transflash T-Flash Memory cards from - Fully compatible with newest Motorola mobile phones
US Modular - Stik/Stor, flash mem
Digizone Ltd. External Drives

Services Virtual Computer - ghost - Free Online File Storage, Internet File Sharing, RSS Sharing, Access Documents & Files Anywhere, Backup Data, Share Files
Sign In to scanR
ZOHO: Web app suite
Ars Technica: Shopping Comparison
DOIT4U - your personal time provider, concierge and reminder service
Metamorphosis - NLP practitioner | Design, print and sell custom products for FREE
Proxify anonymous proxy - surf the Web privately and securely - Privacy is Your Right.
Welcome to Ultimate Anonymity - Complete Anonymous Web Resources
Private mail services
Netherlands proxy services
New Zealand Gift Shop
TPC Web-to-fax gateway
MaxMind GeoIP: How to locate your Internet visitors
NZ Hotels with net access - article
Workspot - Linux desktop svc
Sun[TM] Learning Center
Zeald - Website design etc
Pharmacy Direct - we promise to save you more.
Alibaba Manufacturer Directory - Suppliers, Manufacturers, Exporters & Importers
Collaborative writing s/w online Writeboard
Free project management task management software
TRUSTcite - Smart Service Selection
FrogPrints Digital Photo Printing, Photobooks and Photo Gifts NZ New Zealand
DoubleJ Colour Prints Ltd.
Snapfish: online HP photo printing
PCL - Photographic Processing and Digital Imaging Professionals
Nulab Professional Imaging - Australia's Premier Photo Laboratory
New Zealand Online Photo Printing Services | NZ Photo Info
JungleDisk - Reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3 ™ - Jungle Disk
Secure online storage: - Secure Offsite Backups, Offsite Data Storage and Remote Encrypted Filesystems, Offsite Backup
deCODE Diagnostics-$200 DNA tests
VoipBuster - The Free Calls Company
US parcel remailing/package forwarding
Vehicle history check and reports | Carjam Email2SMS, SMS2Email
Shapeways 3D printing service
Snapcasa: Website Thumbnails
Global eShop
Smart Image


Lifestyle Wines
Pomeroys Coffee, Nelson
Meat Cuisine - Restaurant Quality Meat at Supermarket Prices! - wines,coffees,oils
McGregors: Wines, Whiskies, Gifts
Mt Difficulty Wines
Elfin Foods - Hams, Roasts, Chicken, Sausages, Lamb, Scallops, Pork, Prawns, Beef, Seafood
DineOut - NZ restaurant listings
:: Welcome to The Beer Store :: NZ's Online Beer Source ::
Saeco Espresso Machine Services New Zealand
espresso engineers
Chowhound Boards - foodie forums etc
The Whisky Shop: Lagavulin 16yo 43% abv

OpenSource Music

Magnatune Classical

welcome to graysonline

PC Surplus Online

MirrorSites Home

Cosmetics - The authorised website and online shop for Dermalogica in New Zealand

Weather && Time

Solar Eclipse: November 13 2012
BoM - Synoptic Analysis
BoM Infrared Loop
BoM Satellite Images
BoM - Interpreting_MSLP
Aus IR Satellite WX
Polar/IndianOcean latest Analysis Chart
Lincoln Rd looking - Weather
MetService weather map
MetService Marine Forecasts
Weather Satellite Images of NZ
Weather From NZCity
NZ Coastal Marine Areas Map
Auckland, New Zealand Forecast : Weather Underground
When is Daylight Saving Time worldwide?
MetService :: NWP Modelling at MetService
moon phase
world sunlight
The World Clock - Time Zones
LeapSecond Home Page
AustBOM Weather Tutorial - tools/software
MSL / Gradient Wind Analyses
Allmetsat Satellite images
Air France 447 - AFR447 - A detailed meteorological analysis - Satellite and weather data

Daily Scan/Interesting/Informative

Ananova -
There, I Fixed It.
FoodPornDaily (SFW) Extremely Tasty Food Photos - java, linux, perl, ruby, ... | Photoshop Contests | Are you Worthy™ | home page
Electronista | Technology, Gadgets, Mobile Phones, DVR, GPS, Camera, Music News
gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine -- tomorrow's device technology today : Science, Physics, Technology, Nanotechnology, Space News
Flickr:interesting/24 hours
glumbert - the most amazing videos on the internet
All My Faves | Why Search?
Facebook | Home

Raike sites
master.geek Snoop
My Speed Dial
A Place to Be
Test Java Virtual Machine - jvm test applet
iSERVE Web and Domain Hosting